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Tuesday, 21 March 2023

We offer a solution with the new board-to-board
connectors of the "SMC" series with a 0.8mm pitch for signal and data transmission.
The connector combinations guarantee data transmission of up to 12 Gbit / s.


With 16 different height combinations, P.C.B stack heights from 5 to 20mm can be configured.
The system is designed from 30 to a maximum of 140 contacts.
Thanks to a contact system designed on both sides, it guarantees a reliable mechanical
and electrical connection in the smallest of spaces.
These are used, for example, in industrial, server applications or diagnostic systems.






The tapered contact point reaches a high force when making
contact and provides a high level of contact security

The unique contact structure ensures high frequency transmission



Embossed contact tips ensure that Force reduced
to a minimum when plugging in
and for a safe
insertion process




The unique contact structure ensures
high frequency transmissionLarge contact
coverage (1.40 mm) guaranteed
high contact reliability and maximum
compensation of tolerances between different heights..


 Schnittbild    kontaktbild    Kontaktueberlagerung

The unique contact structure ensures
high frequency transmission

    PCB spacings of 5 to 20 mm are possible    

Would you like to find out more about this system?

Here you will find further technical applications, Configuration

of the construction heights and the associated Item numbers
for your request
to the PDF download


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